Be Emboldened!

Embolden Adventures is meant to inspire you to travel; To give you the courage to see the world; To get out there! To explore! To learn!

The world is, indeed, a beautiful place. Perhaps somewhere inside you there is a curiosity to see it and experience it for yourself.

If you are that person who imagines traveling to places far away or even near by, but you have held yourself back for whatever reasons, let Embolden Adventures encourage you to take those steps to experience the world. Be Emboldened!

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Hi! I'm Sara. Thanks for checking out Embolden Adventures logo small!  
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Be Emboldened!

Embolden Adventures Podcasts

Old high school friend and former US Marine, Kim spent some time with me on this Embolden Adventures Kilimanjaro podcast to talk about all things Kilimanjaro. Kim successfully completed the climb in 2010 and had a lot to say about her experience. In this episode, hear about: What it takes to summit this epic mountain, what it was like spending eight years in the US Marines, why travel is so important…and more! [Read More...]

Mr. Sousa has an insatiable desire to see the world. He is the stuff that pioneering explorers are made of: Curious, adventurous, and proactive in making it happen—An excellent example of an Embolden Adventurer! Come on a camping adventure around the USA and beyond on this latest Embolden Adventures podcast. [Read More...]

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